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I offer skilled and sensitive emotional support through a process of awareness, focussing and self exploration. This generates new self understanding and from this the potential to 'let go' of whatever is causing pain, anxiety or distress internally/externally, body/mind.


Exploring experiences whether from early and formative years of development, through puberty and adolescence, early childhood or later life will be done jointly, collaboratively in the moment. I will explore your experiences with you. Sensitive reflection and discussion will help you piece together events, feelings, relationships, thoughts and ideas to gain insight and the releasing of emotional patterns that hold pain.


I will encourage you to be 'alive in the moment' and present to really see yourself as fully as possible, to work to gently challenge what you avoid in yourself and your life. This will help to access what is denied and ignored inside to bring greater space, ease and openness. We will work with your experience of your body's 'felt sense'.


Healing happens through this joint process of awareness where respect, empathy and compassion are present.


I bring to the therapy space over 25 years of experience as a Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor.


I have over 35 years experience and training of working with meditation and mindfulness based practices.


I am warm and approachable and provide a safe and confidential therapy space to explore feelings and find a new sense of aliveness.



I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and follow its code of ethics








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Counselling and Psychotherapy for the whole person

Areas I work with:


Relationship issues and difficulties


Family difficulties and conflicts

Anxiety, self esteem issues

Life changes and transitions


Stress, work issues  

Burn out and recovery

Recovering from abuse, childhood issues and domestic violence

Trauma and PTSD

Spiritual crisis and growth    

Loss of identity, mental health needs

Surviving religious or spiritual abuse and cults





'I have been able to rebuild my self-belief and confidence, and have found a way to take stock and move forward during an extremely challenging part of my life...'


'Counselling is helping a lot. I have a sense of new life waiting and happening for me...'


'I couldn't have managed this transition without your support. I had been depressed and struggling until we met...'


'We have both grown so much and our relationship is so different  since we started coming to counselling together. We can talk and listen to each other now...'


'Your belief in me helped me believe in myself on such deep levels...'

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One to one Psychotherapy and Counselling, Couples Counselling, Supervision. Short or longer term therapy in Exeter and Totnes.

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Mike Rowe


Over 25 years experience

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