Are you going through a difficult time in your life at the moment? Maybe you have lost your sense of direction and become confused or stuck? Are you facing big changes or uncertainties? Or are there things from the past that are troubling you that are unclear or unresolved?


Do you need somebody to talk to, to get some support to look at what is happening and to find a way forward?


Counselling can help you to re-orientate yourself at such times, supporting you to understand the painful, uncertain or confusing feelings you may be experiencing. It can assist you to move forwards towards greater clarity, ease and freedom.


Exploring your experience and feelings in more depth is possible with Counselling (medium term) or Psychotherapy (longer term). This could be through words, or by listening to body sensations and their messages. It could involve reviewing and exploring  family history and the significant figures and relationships connected, or the process of ‘growing up’ that was experienced.


For some people, Counselling and Psychotherapy provide an opportunity to heal old wounds and open doors to a new sense of self, casting off old and unwanted shapes, exploring self acceptance and new ways of being. For others, Counselling and Psychotherapy can also lead to an increase in self awareness in their lives.


First session:


It is important to find a therapist with whom you feel comfortable. The first session will give you the chance to meet me and for us to discuss what your needs are, and why you need support at this point in time. I will explain more about how I work, and we will talk about whether the work we are about to begin is intended to be short, medium  or longer term.


Each Session lasts 60 minutes. Sessions are normally weekly but can be fortnightly as required.




I offer Skype Counselling.        


Many people I have worked with have found the experience of Counselling and Psychotherapy to be transformational as they found new ways to think, feel and be.

Mike Rowe

25 years experience



Counselling and Psychotherapy in Exeter, Totnes and the South Hams


        Areas I work with:


  • Relationship issues and difficulties, including         separation and divorce

  • Bereavement and loss

  • Family difficulties and conflicts

  • Anxiety, self esteem and self confidence issues

  • Managing life changes and transitions

  • Anger management and depression

  • Stress, work related issues and addiction(s)

  • Burn out, recovery and re-resourcing

  • Surviving abuse, childhood issues and domestic violence

  • Sexuality issues, trauma and PTSD

  • Spiritual crisis, decision making and personal growth    

  • Loss of identity, mental health needs

  • Disability, serious illness and cancer support

  • Surviving religious or spiritual abuse and cults

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