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Couples Counselling offers an opportunity to explore the conflicts or difficulties in your relationship and to build on its strengths. It can help you to understand what has led to the present struggles and confusions, and it offers a means to explore with me how to move forwards towards positive change.


The work can include:


  • Exploration of how you interact and relate to each other

  • Gaining clarity about the issues that are behind your conflicts

  • Making sense of your relationship history

  • Identifying past influences that affect your present situation

  • Practical support in planning and negotiating ways forward in areas such as: re-establishing trust and intimacy, managing work/relationship balance, family needs, ways to have personal and relationship space


It can lead to:


  • A greater mutual understanding

  • More openness and honesty within the relationship

  • Clarity about why things have changed and become difficult

  • Clarity about the stress factors that influence the relationship and how to work with these

  • Renewed or deeper intimacy in the relationship

  • Improved communication and trust      





What can Couples Counselling

help with?


Separation and divorce

Commitment issues

Jealousy and anger

Lack of communication

Power imbalances

Sexuality problems

Affairs and betrayals

Arguments and conflicts


Family needs

Mike Rowe

Over 25 years experience



Counselling and Psychotherapy for the whole person

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