Mike Rowe

20 years experience


Counselling and Psychotherapy in Exeter, Totnes and the South Hams

More Testimonials:




'I feel deeply heard and understood emotionally with new ground to stand on.'


‘I can now see the connections between all the different parts of myself. I can see the areas I want to change and I have a real sense of how things are shifting for me. Thank you....’


‘I feel light and open now yet grounded in a sense of the ‘real me’. There was so much confusion and hurt inside and a fear of exploring that too. With your support and guidance I have found ways to move through the fear and work with the confused and hurt parts of my past.’


‘I was on automatic pilot, had lost all sense of my own needs and what is important to me. I was addicted to so many destructive things and ways of doing things. Slowly I have emerged, started to feel alive again and learnt to value and trust myself...’


‘Put simply I was emersed in anger and frustration much of the time in my life. With great skill you have helped me to see what this reactiveness is based on. My anger has been replaced by more understanding and an openness to joy in life.’


‘Counselling has helped me get clear about the difficulties I was experiencing at work with my boss and colleagues. It has helped me to say ‘no’ when I need to, and to feel more empowered.’


'No words can ever really express how grateful I am for all your support. The whole of me has benefitted so much from my time spent with you.'


'I am thankful for your unwavering kindness, support and acceptance of me at a very low point in my life. I am so much stronger and resilient thanks to you'